Why Fruit of the Vine Organics?

Why Fruit of the Vine Organics?

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food” - Hippocrates


Exceptional Quality

Our fruits and vegetables are 100% certified organic and USDA inspected.


Our Produce Stays Fresh Longer

Because our produce comes from the growers, it is fresher and will last longer in your home. Before retail stores get produce, it goes to distribution centers, then into cold storage, and then eventually onto the store floor. When it does make it to the floor, you have no idea how old it is or how many times it has been handled. Besides picking the produce from the farm yourself, there is no easier or no more economical way to get it fresher than through Fruit of the Vine Organics.



By not having a storefront, and by buying as much locally and seasonally as possible, we save money and are able to pass the savings to you, making it more affordable for you to eat organically.



The produce will vary weekly according to season, quality and value. We offer many varieties of organic fruits and vegetables that are not available in local retail stores. The big retailers have to buy in huge quantities and can only buy from extremely large organic farms. Because of our size, we have access to many more smaller and local farms that grow produce that the large retailers can’t sell. You are sure to discover new favorites!


Improved Health

More and more research is proving what my father always told me: Good Food is Essential for Good Health. He always said, “You can spend your money on quality food, or you can spend it on doctors.” I believe this wholeheartedly and am committed to making organic food available and more affordable to all who need and want it. 

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