How It Works

Every week, we call on local organic farms to see what is available, and of the best quality and value.  We purchase all that we can locally as it is our goal to support our local farmers first.  When Florida is in between seasons or there is an isuue with availability, we will round out our baskets with high quality, seasonal produce from other parts of the country.  Everything is alway 100% certified organic and USDA inspected.
On Friday, we will send you an email that will list what will be coming on the following Wednesday. To sign up for our mailing list please enter your address here .    Just click on the email's link and you will be taken to our ordering page.   There, you can order baskets and supplement the with our a la carte items. You can pay online with a credit card or PayPal, or arrange to pay at pick-up with cash or check.
Please Note:  Because there is a lot of coordination and logistics that has to happen in advance, all orders must be received by, and can not be changed, after noon on the Tuesday before each delivery.
On Wednesday, your produce will be delivered to you!
Need ideas on what to make with your produce?  Check out our recipe page.  Also there, you will find valuable storage tips that will help keep your produce fresh longer.
Your produce will come in a bushel basket.   Please return the basket after each order.  



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