SUMMER IS HERE!  With it, comes a new variety of beautiful and naturally delicious fruits: peaches, nectarines, plums, blueberries, cherries, grapes, melons, and apricots.  
Fruits are the best summer fast foods!  In addition to all of the positive qualities they possess - all natural, low in calories, high in essential vitamins, phytochemicals, nutrients and fiber that our bodies need, and extra hydration during these hot summer days, it is important to note what they do not have - processed sugar, artificial sweeteners, white flour, food coloring, hydrogenated oils or harmful chemicals. When you know this, you are more likely to choose/promote them over other unhealthy options.  
Here are a few things that help my family and me get the recommended 8 daily servings we need:
  • Teach children how the nutrients in fruit make every part of their bodies work.  
  • Encourage children to help you shop for fruit and try a new one each week.
  • Wash fruit in advance and have it ready to eat.
  • Cut melons into bite size pieces and keep it cold in the refrigerator.  I have found that if I don't cut the melon up for everyone, no one will cut and eat it themselves.  When it is pre-cut, it disappears.  
  • Freeze grapes and serve as a refreshing snack when your child is hot and thirsty.
  • Serve sliced fruit on top of greek yogurt or cereal.  
  • Serve fruit salad as dessert.  
This summer, fuel and hydrate your child with fresh fruit as they head off to camp, the beach, and summer sports activities. Instead of reaching for prepackaged snack foods and factory foods, choose nature’s original fast food, a piece of fruit.
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